Make your space a reflection of your highest sense of living.

Reveal the beauty of The Interior Place.
Whether it’s your home, office, or commercial space, our interior design consultancy lets you celebrate the way you live by creating spaces that reflect who you truly are.
From the colour of the wall, to the custom-cut sofa, the play of lights, to the rich texture and kaleidoscopic colours of furnishings, we execute every fine detail of your dream space impeccably well.
It starts with an easy-going conversation about what you want to experience.
We capture every nuance and comprehend your innermost predilection, matching this with our own expertise for exquisite design thats always fresh and leading-edge, complementing your current lifestyle.
With your vision of space and our breath of creative inspiration, we then set to work on the mechanics of creating it.
Having been in the interior design industry for over a decade now, we have harnessed the acumen for executing a wide range of design projects on specs, on time, and on budget.
This is made possible by our in-house team of twenty and our network of trusted suppliers.
Eclectic, intuitive, bold, and ambitious, we have honed our design team to be masters of versatility.
Recognising the different skill-sets required for creating well-edited residential and commercial spaces, we dedicate our talented designers according to their design propensity while aligning everyone to an uncompromising standard and fine taste for aesthetics.
As a testament of our work, The Interior Place has now established itself as a well-renowned interior design firm in Singapore.
We have earned the respect and confidence of prominent architectural firms and developers who collaborate with us for notable consultancy projects and A&A works.
From our humble beginning, we have carved a name similar to perfection. We have earned the trust of clients locally and overseas.
Here forward, our firm commitment is to continue to strive for design excellence.

Residential Interior Design: The Comfort And Beauty Of Your Most Intimate Space
Whether you desire an immaculate minimalist home to give you a wash of serenity after a day’s work.
Or aliving room that explodes with a riot of colours and sensation.
Whether it’s letting more natural light and less ambient noise flow into your study.
Or making the heavenly canopy hang over your bedroom so you have the diamond sky to bid you good dreams.
Whether you desire a more spacious kitchen and fill your soul with good food.
Or entertain and impress your guests in a relaxing and well-appointed living room.
Whether you want to transform your bathroom into an elegant space fit for royalty.
We help transform your ideas for residential space into reality.

Commercial Interior Design: Function Meets Aesthetics
Fusing our keen business sense into design aesthetics, get your brand instantly recognised with our exceptional commercial interior design.
We give a voice to your business that speaks the language of your customers.
Whether you want a truly grand opening for your new store.
Or to entreat your current customers with a spatial makeover they will love.
We can create or alter your commercial space to give your business a refreshing take.

Make Your Dream Space Happen
Talk to us today.
Your most elevated sense of beauty, functionality, style, and personality.
The Interior Place reflects this all.

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