If you want your home to have a chic design and an updated feel, you need a modern home interior design. Choosing this type of design enables you to select from a wide range of colours, decorations and fabrics for your home, making it easier for you to create a home interior design that’s uniquely your own.


Majority of modern interior designs are without frills but are still sophisticated-looking. It lacks in extravagance,something that was rather common a few decades ago. The furniture and architecture of today’s modern homes are very basic and minimalist in effect. Many home interior design experts opt for solid colours and geometrical shapes in lieu of intricate designs and ornamental pieces.

How to Achieve a Contemporary Look in Home Interior Design

Majority of today’s modern homes use appliances made of stainless steel. They also prefer furniture made of glass, matched with leather and plastic pieces. Wood elements are still present in modern homes however there are little or no lavish patterns and shapes. Using rich and dark hard wood can certainly make your home look modern and cosy at the same time, complimenting the rather “cold” effect of many modern materials like steel.

But if you’re planning on a contemporary home interior design, make sure to add metallic elements like stainless steel particularly in the kitchen. You may also use chrome floor lamps and nickel cabinet handles. As long as the metal is shiny, sleek and doesn’t rust easily, it would look nice in a modern home.

Choosing Modern Theme Colours for Your Home Interior Design

Colour is a crucial element in home interior design and especially for modern themes. Experts recommend the use of neutral hues although you can also add hints of bold, dark colours to counterbalance the cold effect of grey, black or beige. So, if your wall colour is white or grey, you can place a red sofa in the room. It will not only make it look homey, but it will also give it a dramatic effect which is always a good thing.

In Singapore, many homes are now adopting the modern minimalistic themes. Interior designers know that this is now the trend, which is why they also have their own design concepts to meet the needs of homeowners who want to make their home look ultra modern.

The best thing about choosing contemporary home interior design is that maintaining your home will be easy. With a minimalistic design, you won’t have to worry about clutter in your living room. Moreover, modern homes are very comfortable and inviting. It is really no surprise that there are many people in Singapore who prefer modern home interior design nowadays. Do be sure to communicate to your designer on the type of design you want for your home.