Everything You Need To Know About A&A Works For Landed Houses

There comes a time when homes look like they’re in dire need of overhaul–of a fresh face, so to speak. The most logical answer to this is renovation, and property owners could readily consult with interior designers to finally give that fresh twist to an old, well-loved space.

Also known as alteration and addition (A&A) works, renovations are optional but nevertheless necessary once an owner sees it fit. A&A works are possible in all types of houses, whether HDB flats, condominium units, or landed houses.

Regulations For A&A Works For Landed Houses From HDB

Singapore’s Housing Development Board stipulates rules before A&A works can commence.

According to the HDB, a property owner needs to hire the services of a Qualified Person or QP to apply approval of certain A&A works.

Usually, works which will involve the hacking of walls and floors will need prior application approval from HDB, without which any A&A work will be deemed invalid. Certain A&A works that do not need HDB approval, meanwhile, can be started immediately.

With these rules in place, it will be wise for property owners to discuss thoroughly their renovation plans with their interior designers, who will then apply for HDB approval should there be operations covered by the rules.

A&A Works For Landed Houses Need Not Be Expensive

Another crucial facet of A&A works is the cost–a main arbiter in any endeavor which involves one’s home. A&A works for landed houses need not be expensive, and the key to this is finding the right interior designer who could translate your vision and budget into something that’s both cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

In today’s competitive design landscape, more and more designers are embracing the concept of affordable aesthetics, especially with the popularity of HDB flats.

Today, owners of landed houses can enjoy the same cost-efficiency and aesthetic appeal with their own spaces–that is, with the right interior designer who knows exactly what they want.