Differences Between A&A Works And Reconstruction

A&A Works Definition

Homeowners know how important it is to personalise their home to make it feel truly their own. Houses, condominiums, and flats can be bought fully finished already, but there are some things a buyer might want to change to its interior design so that it would be according to their taste. These changes may be minor A&A works.

A&A means Additions & Alterations works, which are minor renovation changes to existing properties or buildings that don’t affect the foundation and structure. These may include repairs, renovations and maintenance works, such as the changing of the floor tiles, roof tiles, and addition of partition walls.

A&A Works Vs. Reconstruction

While A&A closely resembles reconstruction work, the two are regarded different by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore. A&A involves minor works, while reconstruction is a proposal to replace a substantial part of the property. Their main difference lies in the extent of their construction work.

It is regarded as reconstruction if the new gross floor area of the house is 50% or more of the existing gross floor area, if the structural elements that are removed, replaced, or added are 50% or more of the current structural elements, and if the removal or replacement of the existing external walls with new walls or the construction of new walls amounts to 50% or more of the current ones.

It is also called reconstruction if there is an increase in the building or house’s storey height and if the construction results in a change on the landed dwelling housing form, such as turning a semi-detached house to a detached house, regardless whether the construction exceeds half of the existing building or not.

The construction is considered A&A works if it doesn’t amount to half percentage of the current house. The distinction between the two is important because they have different planning submission requirements.

The processing fees for A&A projects are also different from the processing fees for reconstruction works.