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A Well-Established And Venerated
Interior Design Company in Singapore
Offering design consultancy and design & build services to both residential and commercial projects
who are we
In 1999, Wayne and Candy initiated their remarkable voyage with The Interior Place, a modest design endeavour that has since blossomed over two decades. Today, they stand strong, nurturing a formidable team. Their relentless determination and steadfast pursuit of excellence have earned them a plethora of accolades, including the Top Business Brand Awards, Best of Houzz Design Awards and the Circle of Excellence, Singapore Awards, among others.
The foundation of the company's prosperity lies in the deeply personal approach to design. While many interior design firms prioritise expansion and growth, The Interior Place prides itself on its tight-knit team's unwavering dedication to quality over quantity. The collaborative unit harnesses each member's unique strengths, providing steadfast support through every stage of design, execution, and maintenance. Wayne and Candy invest substantial time in comprehending the individual needs and preferences of each client, regardless of the project's scale.
The Interior Place has become a sought-after destination for numerous business owners who turn to them for their exceptional expertise in design consultancy services, whether for their international, residential, or commercial projects.Their hands-on approach has been instrumental in nurturing and sustaining the business through positive word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations. A defining element of their success is their self-proclaimed secret ingredient that they infuse into every project: a "personal touch."

While other interior design companies in Singapore concentrate on growth and expansion, the team behind The Interior Place prides itself for producing quality over quantity. The close-knit team works very well together, and utilises each member’s strengths to great effect, as evidenced by the large number of satisfied homeowners and return clients. One of the key strengths of the small outfit is the self-declared secret ingredient that the designers imbue into every project: “a personal touch”.

1. Create spaces of timeless beauty that best reflect our clients’ most authentic self.
2. Elevate our client’s experience and definition of living well.
3. Be undeviating to the true passion and art of exquisite workmanship, believing that elegance is in the details.
4. Offer simple yet sublime, spiced up yet refined designs that bridge the past and the present.
5. Be generous in our interior designer chic without overshadowing the vision of our client for aesthetics and functionality.
6. Uphold the highest quality of living and invite others to believe that everyone deserves to live in a better space.
7. Make the most elevated sense of beauty in residential and commercial interior design an accessible reality for all our clients in Singapore.
8. Continue to strive for Interior Designer excellence.
With the achievements we have achieved in building trust in our clients.
RCMA Casetrust Accreditation
RCMA Casetrust Accreditation
At The Interior Project, we take pride in being a distinguished interior design firm recognized for our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We are delighted to announce that we have achieved RCMA Casetrust Accreditation, a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch interior design solutions.
The Singapore Brands award in 2011
The Singapore Brands award in 2011
The Interior Place had received the Singapore Brands award in 2011. Singapore Brands supports local Small and Medium Enterprises to develop global opportunities and shape Singapore’s business innovations and integrity. More than 400 SMEs have received this award in Singapore over the years for their exceptional management, standards, arduous financial control and high-quality service.
The 2011/12 Circle of Excellence Award
The 2011/12 Circle of Excellence Award
The Interior Place is proud to receive the 2011/12 Circle of Excellence Award. Circle of Excellence targets to bond with leading companies across Singapore to spur fair practices, growth in entrepreneurship and greater innovation, with the objective of strengthening the industry, Circle of Excellence also hopes to serve as a platform to encourage continual leadership towards advancing Singapore’s competitive position globally and sustainable economic development for the nation.
The TOP Business Brand in 2016/2017
The TOP Business Brand in 2016/2017
We take immense pride in being honoured with the prestigious TOP Business Brand award for the years 2016/2017. This esteemed accolade is a testament to our dedication and commitment to excellence in both growing and supporting small-medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs like us . It highlights our brand's strong goodwill, unwavering commitment to product quality, and the exceptional services we consistently provide to our valued consumers and clients.
The Best Of Houzz Design in 2017
The Best Of Houzz Design in 2017
'The Interior Place' takes great pride in receiving the Best of Houzz 2017 award, a prestigious recognition that underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence in interior design. This honor is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the trust and support of our valued clients. As we continue our journey in 2023, we remain committed to delivering innovative and exceptional design solutions that elevate living spaces and set new industry standards. Thank you for choosing 'The Interior Place' as your partner in bringing your design dreams to life.
Meet Our Creative Team
The close-knit team works very well together, and utilises each member’s strengths to great effect

Wayne Ng

Founder & Executive Director

Candy Ng

Creative Director

Erix Leong

Project Director (DIP. Interior Design)

Alan Lui

Interior Design Director (DIP. Interior Design)

Roy Chia

Project Director (Post DIP. Interior Design)

Aaron Woon

Senior Interior Designer (B.A (HONS))

Lydia Chong

Senior Interior Designer (B.A (HONS))

Yeo Si Ting

Senior Interior Designer (DIP Interior Design)

James Ooi

Senior Interior Design Consultant

Jae Low

Senior Interior Design Consultant

Isabella Chow

Interior Design Consultant

Samantha Yong

Interior Design Consultant

Seon Lee

Chief Designer (Advanced DIP. Interior Design)

Ivan Lau

Sales Manager

Elijah Lim

Interior Design Manager (BSC. Interior Design)

Ivan Teh

Senior Interior Designer

Career - Join Us
Inviting all dynamic candidates to be a part of our growing team!


A Project Director is a high-level management role responsible for overseeing and directing all aspects of a project. They are typically responsible for project planning, budgeting, resource allocation, and ensuring that project goals are met. Project Directors often work on multiple projects and lead a team of Project Managers.

A Project Manager is responsible for planning, executing, and closing projects. They coordinate team members, set objectives, monitor progress, manage budgets, and ensure that the project is delivered on time and within scope. Project Managers act as a bridge between stakeholders and the project team.

An Interior Design Consultant provides expert advice and guidance to clients on interior design concepts, space planning, color schemes, and furnishings. They help clients make informed decisions about decorating and improving the aesthetics and functionality of interior spaces.

A Sales Manager is responsible for leading a team of sales representatives and achieving sales targets. They develop sales strategies, set goals, and monitor the performance of the sales team. Sales Managers also interact with clients, negotiate contracts, and help build strong customer relationships.

A Drafter is responsible for creating technical drawings, plans, and blueprints based on the specifications provided by engineers, architects, or designers. They use computer-aided design (CAD) software to produce detailed and accurate drawings that serve as the basis for construction or manufacturing.

A Junior Interior Designer is an entry-level position in the field of interior design. They assist senior designers in developing design concepts, selecting materials, and creating design proposals. Junior Interior Designers gain experience and skills to eventually take on more complex design projects.

An Interior Design Intern is a temporary, entry-level position where individuals gain hands-on experience in the field of interior design. Interns assist with various tasks such as drafting, sourcing materials, and supporting design projects. They work closely with experienced designers to learn the ropes of the profession.

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