It’s no secret that homes in Singapore have limited living spaces because of the country’s small land area.Chances are, you feel that your home is a bit compactand you have difficulty getting all your stuff to fit in the little space that you have. So, if you’re thinking of remodelling your old home or moving into a new home, you may want to look into some home interior design ideas that will be perfect for small apartments or flats. That way, you can organise all your belongings and still have plenty of living space available for you and your loved ones.

Make sure to bring these ideas up when you speak with your interior designer. It’s always nice to be able to provide your own inputs when it comes to your home interior design.

Home Interior Design Idea #1: Use Light Colours

Light palettes can make a room seem bigger than it really is. Choose French Vanilla or Cream collared paint which are great for opening up a room and making it brighter and more airy. You can also use light collared window treatments or curtains. White on white will work well for small rooms especially living rooms and dining areas.

Home Interior Design Idea #2: Think Multipurpose

There are so many multipurpose ideas you can choose for your home and your interior designer should be able to come up with at least a few that are suitable for the dimensions and structure of your interior. For example, you can add shelves in your staircase, place a foldable study table in the living room, place drawers underneath the bed and so on. By efficiently making use of space, you make your home seem more organised and less crowded.

Home Interior Design Idea #3: Less is More

Get rid of all the clutter in the house. You only need the basic essentials really. It’s always better to go for a Zen home interior design because that gives a more modern appeal to your house. Stay away from fancy wood carvings or intricate wall paper designs. Many new sophisticated homes these days prefer a minimalist home interior design. Not only is this less expensive, it’s also a great way to make your home appear spacious.

Home Interior Design Idea #4: Built-in Storage and Sliding Panels

Built-in storage is a great home interior design if you live in a compact apartment because it makes the rooms appear bigger and more airy. So, opt for built-in closets, built-in cabinets and even built-in shelves. Doors, on the other hand, take up a lot of space too because you have to open and close them to get inside or outside the room. So, instead of doors, consider using sliding panels for each room in your house.

Speak to your designer regarding these home interior design ideas. Some of these ideas may not be applicable to your home but you should be able to adopt a few of them.