To own a landed house is a dream come true for many. In Singapore, if you own a landed house or are planning to buy one, consider yourself lucky for having fulfilled your dream. You therefore must make sure that you choose a house that really fits you and your lifestyle. You should also decorate it well.

Impress your guests with your home’s interior when you invite them over to your dream house.

Landed Home Interior Design Tips

With a landed property, you have more freedom in designing your home interior. But the stakes are also high here, because if you make a mistake, then it would cost you a large sum of money. So, to get you started with your landed home interior design, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Do your research first. You can check various magazines and online websites to know more about the latest design ideas for landed houses. Cut or print copies of designs you like so you can use it later on when you start working on your design.
  2. Set your budget. A bigger property means higher costs, which is usually the case when designing a landed house. So, discuss this matter with your spouse or partner and then decide on an amount that you think you can comfortably afford.
  3. Hire the right interior designer. Take note that there are interior designers that specialise in flats, condos and landed home interior design. It’s always recommended that you choose someone who has worked on several landed properties because that means they have extensive experience in designing houses like yours. You also have to check their portfolio and ask for references so you can better evaluate their skills.

Choosing a Modern Landed Home Interior Design

These days, homeowners are opting for modern designs for their landed house. This is not really surprising considering how sophisticated and classy the modern designs turn out to be. You can browse the Internet to get some ideas on this but for the most part, you can count on your interior designer to show you some examples of houses they have designed which are modern and minimalistic in design.

The nice thing about modern houses is that they’re easier to maintain and designing them is cheaper compared to the grand and intricate designs of the old days. You only need to use very few decors, choose light coloured paint, add accent furniture pieces, place some plants in strategic areas and install the right lighting and you’ll have a beautiful, contemporary home in no time. Make sure your interior designer understands that this is the kind of landed home interior design you want so the outcome will be to your satisfaction.