Many people make the mistake of thinking that choosing paint colours for their office is easy. It’s a science and an art, and care must be given when planning your commercial interior design to ensure you get the best hues for your workplace.

There are many considerations to make in your commercial interior design on the aspect of paint colours. But choosing wisely should ascertain that the outcome will be satisfactory. Many of the modern offices in Singapore now have more open office spaces instead of the traditional cubicles and you want to embody that openness in your design.

Studies have shown that a good commercial interior design includes bold colours for offices but you have to use them strategically to get the results you want. Too much of any colour can have dire effects on your employees as well as your customers.

Commercial Interior Design Tip: Keep Colour Patterns and Designs Simple

A lot of facility managers think that using more colours will mean making the office more interesting but that’s not really the case. Neither is using all the colours of the company logo.

Using colour to communicate the organisation’s culture is a much better idea and makes more sense. But you need to do it properly. Determine how certain colours contribute to your company’s goals and what their psychological effects on your employees are. Determine where you can best place a particular colour and how much of this colour should you use. Evidently, deciding these things on your own as part of your commercial interior design is tricky which is why you need a professional interior designer to help you out.

Know the Psychology of Colours

Studies have shown that colours have certain effects on people which is why it’s important in commercial interior design. Blue, for one, is known to make people more productive. If you want to help stimulate your employees’ minds, then using this colour in key places in your office would be a good idea. Yellow, on the other hand, is an excellent colour to foster creativity. It has the ability to stimulate your mind and make you feel more creative. If, on the other hand, you want to be more productive physically, you can use red. This is probably why red is evident in many gyms throughout Singapore. It promotes vigour, ambition and energy. Finally, there’s green. This colour is known to promote wellness and a sense of balance. It makes your office feel warm, reassuring and calming.

Now that you know more about colours, you should incorporate your knowledge when working on your commercial interior design. Discuss your preferences and requirements with your designer so that they can customise a plan for your office. With the right colours in your commercial interior design plan, you will not only make your employees more productive, creative and calm, you will also make your office more inviting to your customers. It’s a win-win solution for your company.