In the Lion City, the word space pretty much sums up the common problem of property owners. The buzzling metropolis, despite being industrially recognised around the world, pales in comparison to neighboring nations when it comes to land area. Hence, many Singaporean residents have been constrained to adopt lifestylesset in relatively smaller home spaces.

Interior Design Mistakes You Ought to Avoid

Sometimes though, home structures relatively small in size, such as bachelor pads or condo units, can usher in a feeling of immobility and leave a feeling of dissatisfaction on the part of the unit owner. Want to know what’s making you feel less comfortable inside your condo unit? Well, here arecommon design mistakes which may be responsible for such discomfort:

1. Use of wrong furniture

Just because you have a small space does not necessarily mean you ought to put in small furniture. Smart interior design studies proportions and strikes a balance for visual aesthetics. For instance, a small living room may look better with a chunky full sized sofarather than a tiny chair or one seater because the small chair highlights the ‘smallness’ of the room while the sofa makes it look cozy and inviting.

Most unit owners make the mistake of purchasing furniture and accents which are not only erroneously sized (way too small or way too big) but are also not comfortable enough for relaxation. The key to enjoying small space, according to renowned interior design expert Nate Berkus, is to focus on comfort especially in the selection of furniture items.

2. Failing to experiment withcolours

In interior design, preference for lighter hues is obvious. Interior design experts, time and time again, have reiterated the widening impact of pastels in spatial relations. This rule, however, should not hinder youfrom taking on an experimental attitude and using darkhues for a bolder, dramatic effect to your limited home spaces. Be careful though not too use a lot of colours, as this can also be an interior design mistake that can strain the eye and disrupt the spatial aesthetics with visual busyness.

3. Compartmentalizing your interior design spaces

Study the floor layout. Are you breaking the space with dividers or ornaments? If so, try to remove these divisive tools and simply retain what’s crucial to your overall design theme. You may not know it but incorrectpositioning of objects in certain spaces can break spatial relations and create a tighter, compartmentalized view of your home surroundings.

Hire Singapore Interior Design Experts To Avoid Interior Design Mistakes

If you want a sure-fire way to get rid of these design mistakes, make sure you seek the professional help of interior design specialists. Interior design experts can help you overhaul these past mistakes and even allow you to explore better design perspectives suitable for you condo unit and your lifestyle. Feel free to contact our design professionals today and discuss the changes you seek.Call now!