HDB Renovation In Singapore

The Merlion City is one of the most industrialised places in Asia. It is culturally diverse and is considered to be the cleanest and safest city in the world.

With all these wonderful qualities it is not surprising that the city is teeming with expats and immigrants. The city is conducive to healthy living.

Housing is not a problem in Singapore either. Unlike in other countries, public housing is not considered as a sign of poverty in Singapore. These flats are managed by the Housing and Development Board or HDB. One can opt to renovate the flat as long as they abide by the stern rules of the HDB.

HDB Renovation: Accredited Contractors

Living in HDB residences are generally comfortable. However, units may look drab and boring. The unit you own looks exactly the same as your neighbor. This problem can easily be solved. You can actually add personal preferences to flats. You can redesign them according to individual taste.

Before tearing up that wall it is a must to abide by the rules and regulations of the HDB. Yes you can make your flat scream you but you should consider the HDB. As for hiring contractors the first criteria that you must consider is if the contractors and interior designers are certified by the HBD. Failure to abide by these rules lead to hefty consequences. Hiring uncertified designers can already cost you $5,000. Paying for that can already cost a dent in your renovation budget.

HDB interior designers are well acquainted with the rules and are already experts at their field. All you have to do is collaborate with them. Your ideas will be tailored according to the rules and you will probably get the design you have always wanted. You can check out the approved interior designers and contractors on the List of Registered Renovation Contractors at the HDB website.

If you have decided that you truly want to renovate your flat then you must apply for a renovation permit at the HDB. In case your plans have been approved by the HDB then you will be asked to pay an administrative fee ranging from $100- $600. It all depends on the nature of the renovation.