Practitioners of home interior design recognize that there is no other place or section in the house that can showcase what is inside the home more exquisitely than what the living room can show. This is because the living room is the center-point of the housing structure and is where guests other than the owners converge, stay and linger.

Living Room as Center Point in Interior Design Planning

Your living room serves as your home’s entertainment center, where guests are welcomed and entertained and where you and members of your family stay to relax. Instinctively, the visual impact of your living room’s interior design will determine whether it will exude the elegance and beauty that you want of your place.

Creative Interior Design Ideas

Here under are some creative interior design ideas that can be applied to your living room, particularly the walls, to make the room perform its intended role of providing beauty and function.

An Art and Photo Gallery

Convert a wall in the living room into a gallery of your art and photo collections, family portraits, or just a piece of fine artwork. The  visual effect of this interior design idea will transform your living room into an item of focus and thus become an interesting topic for conversation. Make sure that the artwork or collection harmonizes with the color of your walls.

Achieving a Unified Stand-out Effect

When doing your arrangement, try putting together the same size and type of framing to form a “whole” effect. The unified effect may also be achieved if you group them together in a wall instead of spreading them around.

If you intend to hang a large abstract artwork, consider painting that wall differently from the rest of the walls. This creates a stand-out effect not only on the artwork itself but also on the wall. Again, the color of the wall should be complementary, not competing, with the artwork.

Stones as Interior Design Enhancement

Another interesting interior design treatment for a living room wall is stone. Stones, especially the more expensive ones, are frequently used as wall accents in interior design because of their visual elegance. They project an impression of affluence to the owner. A well-known interior design practitioner employed this stone treatment by creating a wall panel composed of yellow onyx slabs and lighting these at the back to create a magnificent “embossed” stone.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

If your living room has a limited space, your interior design consultant would most likely recommend installing a framed mirror on one of the walls. Mirrors are perfect solutions for making a room appear  bigger. You can choose from different patterns and finishes of framing, depending on the overall interior design style you want. Attaching wall sconces on both sides of the mirror, matched with interesting artifacts on a console table, will surely create wondrous states for both viewers and users.

A Modern Sculpture

Another interior design concept to enhance your living room is showcasing a modern sculpture for everyone to admire. You can carve out a niche on the wall on which to place your sculpture to make it stand out. Achieve a more dramatic effect in your interior design by installing indirect lighting from the back.