Interior Design For Landed Houses: What Non-Singapore Residents Need To Know

The Singapore skyline may be dotted by dancing lights from rising infrastructures and towers which may give the idea that most Singapore residents live in flashy condominium units and swanky hotels.

It isn’t the case for everyone. The Singapore government as well as private entities offer landed houses for citizens who have passed the necessary requirements to avail a low-rise housing or residential unit for their family.

These landed houses are categorised in two forms: land title and strata title.

Land titles consist of bungalows, detached houses, and terrace houses. Strata titles also comprise of the same types of units as with land titles, but differ from the former in a sense that only applicants without no condominium status are allowed to own one.

Interior Design For Landed Houses Design Philosophy

Singapore interior design is inspired by a design mantra that combines minimalist modern design with Asian influences. Singapore is a country where the East and West meets and it is a melting pot of various culture and traditions.

Singaporeans like to keep it simple and are quite the contradiction—they meet the changes of time head on, while being adamant to discard the tradition they grew up with.

It shows in the arts and culture of the country as well as in their very household.

Where To Find Firms That Do Interior Design For Landed Houses

Singapore is teeming with firms that can come to your answer with regards to your interior design needs for landed home. Just one Google search can provide you myriads of options.

The problem though is that not all interior design houses may be able to accommodate your needs without compromising the vision you have for your idea landed house.

If you want to have a sleek modern interior that will be rivaled by the houses in your neighbourhood, then The Interior Place should be your go-to design firm. The company was established in 1999 and has been impressing its growing clientele since.