One of the perennial challenges to interior design practitioners and homeowners is the limitation of space in highly progressive metropolitan cities like Singapore.

The challenge is more of putting together a perfect blend of comfortable movement in a small space and at the same time achieving a healthful stay in a fresh green environment.

Gardens in Vertical Spaces

One approach to this interior design challenge is vertical gardens. Vertical gardens are simply that: growing gardens not in horizontal spaces where they naturally are but in vertical spaces such as walls and other bare structures rising from the floor or the ground.

With this type of interior design, the horizontal spaces may well be reserved for mobility or otherwise to hold functional appurtenances such as beds, furniture, appliances and other items of utility.

Aligned with Green Interior Design

Incorporating vertical gardens in the interior design plan of the home would be in line with the trend towards green living. “Incorporating” in this sense means a conscious allocation of appointed vertical spaces as vertical gardens right in the planning stage and not after the interior design plan has been executed.

It means the identification of and familiarization with what garden systems to use, what plants to be installed and what garden care and maintenance methods to be employed.

It is suggested that a certain level of importance be assigned to vertical gardens in the interior design planning as much as those given to other functional systems in the home that require periodic maintenance.

Benefits from Vertical Gardens

Several advantages can be derived from including vertical gardens in the interior design of a new home or even a renovation.

For one, vertical gardens are a compliance to green or sustainable architecture.

For another, the gardens bring the natural green element for sustenance (our needed oxygen for life!) and at the same time provide a fresh luscious atmosphere of a garden inside the living quarters.

Together with other green interior design features of the house such as natural lighting and air ventilation, having vertical gardens could create a home ambiance of constant natural freshness of the air that is needed for physical and psychological invigoration.

Vertical gardens virtually extend the outdoor into the inside of a home or vice versa.

Different Designs

The gardens may come in different forms or designs, from simple hangables for the open wall in the veranda to the planter box or modular hydroponic systems for the interior.

Commercial vertical garden systems have built-in automatic watering mechanisms to avoid drips and facilitate maintenance.

Different plants may also be selected from a range of green vine-type pants to flowering plants of various varieties. Of course, there are plants that are suited only for the exterior and those that may thrive inside the house.

Invigorative Living

With vertical gardens, living in a progressive city does not need to mean giving up the luscious green sight and feel of the countryside. Your interior design professional can assist you in transporting this environment right into your living or dining room and afford you a constantly relaxing, invigorating garden experience in the comfort of your home.