Interior Designer work is no walk in the park especially when it comes to dealing with clients.

Keep in mind that said professional must strike a balance between satisfying the design vision of the client and meeting the demands of form and function.

With that being said, here are our tips in dealing with your chosen interior design professional with the aim of getting the best results.

Be Honest With Your Interior Designer

Honesty is the best policy and it applies to your dealings with the interior design professional.

Why is this so? You will be asked several questions that will give the Interior Designer general ideas about your design vision for the area.

From these general ideas, he can start making the initial sketches including the planned furnishings, fixtures and furniture.

You will then either approve the plan or ask for certain changes to be made. Again, your honesty will be appreciated especially during the planning stage.

What kinds of questions will the interior design professional ask? These may include:

  1. What kind of vibe do you want for the room? Think of options like cozy country, contemporary chic, and shabby chic, among others.
  2. What kinds of activities do you plan on doing in the room? Remember that designing a living room will be different from designing a kitchen and dining area.
  3. What are your technical specifications? This is particularly applicable to offices where electrical outlets must be considered, and in kitchen where exhaust and sinks are significant parts, and rooms where sophisticated technology will be installed. Form always follows functions in interior design.

And of course, you can always ask questions of your interior design professional. It’s part of your give-and-take relationship.

Be Present For Your Interior Designer

You must be as present for the interior design professional as many times as possible.

This is true for the planning stage where the parameters of the project are being agreed upon, said parameters of which include the vision, vibe and budget for the work to be done.

At other times, you must have open lines of communication so that your vision of the room is achieved, if not surpassed.

Indeed, your attitude while dealing with your chosen Interior Designer is as important as the money you paid for his services. Be professional yet friendly and you will get excellent results.