Interior Designer Singapore – Making A Small Living Room Look Bigger

A drawback many people living in apartments feel is the small living room space. With the help of some creativity, it is however possible to make a small living room “look much bigger”.

Use more accessories that have horizontal visual lines in them like a painting of a horizontally flowing river to decorate the room. This makes the living room look bigger as horizontality always creates an impression of bigger expanse and space. Similarly, if you plan to use wallpapers for your living room walls, choose papers with horizontal lines.

Interior Designer Singapore – Use More Of Thin Framed Furniture

While choosing furniture, choose thin-framed furniture which makes it easier to view the wall behind the furniture and create an impression of more space. It also reduces the amount of occupied volume of the living room furniture. So in other words, avoid using heavy or bulky furniture in the living room as they only occupy more space.

Avoid using dark colored paints for your walls; bright colors are better as they reflect light to ensure it reaches all the corners of the room to create an atmosphere of a bigger space. Even upholstery like sofa covers and curtains and carpets should be of bright colors.

Interior Designer Singapore – Mirrors And Multi-Function Furniture Help

Mirrors effectively help make your room look bigger. While placing mirrors, choose a focal point and angle the mirrors towards this point. This helps create an illusion of depth as mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light and to make the room look brighter.

With furniture taking up lots of space, it’s better to use multi-function furniture like sofa beds, and a chest that doubles as a coffee table. Keep the larger pieces of furniture against the walls to give more space in the middle, and choose furniture with the same color as wall colors to help make your small living room look bigger.