Tips In Bringing The Outdoors In Landed Interior Design

Landed Interior Design refers to the interior design of house with surrounding land.

Its principles and practices are similar to non-Landed Interior Design but with a few difference such as bringing in the outdoors to the indoor areas.

Here are the best ways that interior designers achieve such a beautiful effect.

Landed Interior Design Using Doors and Windows

Large glass windows and doors are usually the go-to choice of landed home interior designers when bringing the outdoors into the interior spaces of the house.

Glass doors and windows are a logical choice – these can be opened to let in fresh air and then closed to prevent inclement weather from affecting the interiors.

Plus, curtains can be used to add character to an otherwise plain pane of glass and to ensure privacy, when necessary.

Many homeowners are also using special types of glasses that require little to no accoutrements in the form of blinds, curtains and drapes.

For example, you can ask the interior designer to use glass that changes color based on the weather conditions (i.e., sunny or cloudy, hot or cold) or glass with designs like plants mimicking the design of the flowers outside the house.

Landed Interior Design professionals have plenty of choices when it comes to glass windows and doors. Your job as the client is to choose one that answers your planned vision and budget for the area.

Landed Interior Design Using Plants

When we speak of the outdoors, we usually imagine an abundance of plants, flowers and shrubs in our gardens, back yards and front yards.

Well, why stop with the beautiful outdoor landscape when you can continue it indoors? With a few changes to account for the difference in space, of course.

Think of these ideas:

  • Add plants, herbs and flowers in your interior design. Large plants will not only add an outdoorsy character to your interiors but you will also enjoy the benefits of a good oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange.

  • Give your garden a theme that can then be reflected in the interiors of your home. For example, your garden can look like a flower farm filled with pansies, roses and lilies, which can then be echoed in elegant touches inside the living room opposite the garden.

Landed Interior Design can be fun especially when it is your first time to own a home with a yard. Experiment with bringing in the outdoors to the interiors and enjoy your new surroundings.