Even when your day is a compete chaos, your bedroom will always be there to calm you down. Here are a few tips and ideas to re-vamp your master bedroom.

1. Match your Furniture and Walls.

While it’s usually true that oversize furnishings don’t work in a small room, there are continually exceptions. The secret is in the smooth, simple strains of the bed, together with its colour – white – matching the walls to get rid of contrast.

2. Neutral Palette

Think neutral bedrooms ought to be boring? Then check this masculine, enjoyable, and anything-but-dull bedroom from our designers in TIP. When the palette is neutral, smart use of subtle pattern provides interest without overwhelming the distance.

3. Themed Bedroom This room is perfect for all young Star Wars fans. We outfitted one bed with a quilt and sheets which neutralises with the wall colour. A white night lamp is a nice touch to the whole room.

4. Wallpaper

Sure, even if your bedroom is small, you could nevertheless have a wow-inducing accent wall, as established so strikingly here. Bold wallpaper has a place even in the tiniest of rooms. just stay with one wall – preferably the only at the head of your bed – and maintain the relaxation of the room sedate in terms of colour and pattern.

5. Headboard Observe the built-in shelves and the recessed, furnished “headboard” nook. Gives your bedroom an entire new and sophisticated look.

Hope that the above ideas will provide you some inspirations on how to decorate your master bedroom. If you need Free consultations and quotes for your home renovation from Singapore’s interior designers or renovators, simply submit your requirements here.