Ideas For Eco-Friendly Offices Interior Design Sans The High Cost

Offices Interior Design trends for 2013 have an eco-friendly slant. Lest you start thinking that eco-friendly means being such a penny-pincher – recycling pieces from several years back – or such a spendthrift – redecorating the entire office to enjoy a greener design – think again.

You can strike a balance between recycling and redecorating for a more eco-friendly office space.

Offices Interior Design Idea #1: Recycling Old Into New Items

The first rule of recycling in corporate interior design is to choose the best from the existing items that can still be repurposed, reupholstered or redecorated.

If an item, say, a piece of furniture looks too far gone to be rescued from the trash, then don’t; a simple cost-and-benefit analysis will reveal that the costs of refurbishing it will be higher than the cost of buying a similar yet brand-new item.

Think of the following ways to recycle old furniture, fixtures and furnishings for eco-friendly purposes:

  • Reupholster the cover on the sofas and chairs in the offices, lounges, and lobbies to match the new décor or to reflect the new trend in interior design.

  • Recycle aluminum for storage units, office desks and office chairs.

  • Recycle timber from prior office projects or use recycled timber.

If you have run out of ideas for recycling, your best bet is to hire a professional interior designer who will think up of innovative ways to achieve your greener office.

Offices Interior Design Idea #2: Harnessing Sustainable Energy

All other resources in Singapore – or the world, for that matter – may be finite but it seems that the power of the sun is infinite.

Why not use it then for designing your eco-friendly office spaces? A few ideas that will make use of natural light from the sun for the interiors:

  • Free up the windows by removing the heavy drapes and blinds. Let the sun in so that the necessity for turning on the lights during the day will be lesser.

  • Repaint the walls. Keep in mind that paler colors reflect light while darker colors absorb it. Paint the walls in a lighter color so as to reflect sunlight and to give the room a larger look.

  • Install a skylight.

Indeed, green Offices Interior Design can be beautiful yet functional and affordable but you should hire a professional interior designer to achieve its benefits.