When it comes to bringing our creative interior design consultancy to you, we know no geographical boundaries.

We have responded to overseas demand for our interior design consultancy, particularly in the Asian region.

The Interior Place has handled projects in China, Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand.

A key highlight is our keen sense of the local culture, and how to infuse beauty and functionality into any interior design project – be it residential or commercial—while imbibing the local touches.

We do what works for you – and what is beautiful as you locally define it.

Our designs are eclectic and fresh, and totally reflect how you– our valued client–would ultimately define your own space.

With our overseas interior design consultancy, understanding your ideal vision is not hard at all because we speak the languages in most Asian countries.

If not, we also tap native speakers who can enlighten us on the local culture and how these are reflected on the way we design your interiors.

As per The Interior Place, there can only be one fashion statement to follow: beauty and elegance worthy to be showcased to the world, and functionality that allows you to do what you want to do in your own space.

Contact us and we will serve you – wherever you are in the world!


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