Singapore Interior Design: Creating Timeless Ideas

The advancements that occur in almost all elements on earth are believed to be inevitable because it is a way of fulfilling the needs of the people.

For instance, in the field of communication, centuries ago people used smoke signals to send messages; today, they make use of computers and cellular phones.

However, in the field of Singapore Interior Design, the scenario is different. Every element, whether old or new, can be incorporated and utilised in a project.

And the outcome of every interior design idea can never be replaced because each one is unique and each one holds a story.

The Classic Singapore Interior Design Details

Classic designs are basically reliant on focal points that are considerably large in size. For example, an exceptionally long table or a sofa set.

The focal point will serve as the basis for the other elements to be incorporated in the design like the colours, flooring materials, and other accent pieces.

The usual colour combinations used in classic designs are earth-tone hues. These can be achieved through the combination of browns, greens, and yellows, to name a few.

On the other hand, the flooring materials can be a permutation of marble, wood, or slate; depending on the overall design concept.

Finally, the interior designer can incorporate additional accent pieces like large-sized paintings and vases.

The Contemporary Singapore Interior Design Details

Contemporary designs are somewhat different from the classics. The former focuses on the use of accent pieces which have bold designs, vivid colours, and metal finishes. However, similar to the latter, it also generally makes use of neutral tones for the wall treatments.

Moreover, lighting is also a key component in contemporary design. Proper illumination assists in accentuating the statement pieces used in the room.

Also, it can increasingly define the lines and curves of the used in the design. The common fixtures installed are track lighting and recessed lighting.