In Singapore, many individuals and families live in a condominium. So if you own a condominium unit, you need to take good care of it. That way, your home will look appealing for many years to come. If you think your property needs to be remodelled, here are some condominium interior design tips to help you.


Condominium Interior Design Tip #1: Maximise the space in your condo

Condominiums are understandably smaller than a house. But that’s to be expected considering the value of real estate in the best locations in the country. Besides, living in a condo gives you easy access to shops, schools, workplace, entertainment and just about everything you need. In any case, to make your unit more spacious, you have to know how to design your interior in such a way that will give you more space.

Condominium Interior Design Tip #2: Use the right colour combinations

Some colours can make a room smaller while others can make it bigger and more airy. Check with your interior designer to find out which colour combinations would work best for your home. Right now, the best options for limited spaces would be neutral hues like white, vanilla, beige, grey and light yellow.

Condominium Interior Design Tip #3: Pick multi-purpose furniture

When it comes to condos, it’s always recommended that you use multi-functional furniture. For example, you can buy a bed that comes with a study table underneath it. You can buy a sofa that comes with drawers or storage underneath. Using these kinds of furniture will enable you to save up on storage space.

Condominium Interior Design Tip #4: Place mirrors on your walls

Mirrors can make any room look bigger than it really is. You can place a floor-to-ceiling mirror in your living room especially if you think this area is too small. Just make sure to choose quality mirrors so they don’t get broken easily. Placing mirrors in bedrooms and dining areas is also a good idea.

Condominium Interior Design Tip #5: Opt for a low-maintenance design

These days, more and more homeowners are choosing low maintenance condominium interior design because it enables them to make their home look organised and neat without expending too much effort. The trend now is minimalistic design so avoid putting too many decors in your condo and stay away from furniture that comes in many intricate patterns. Choose built-in cabinets, use stone floors, and go for leather furniture which are easier to clean.

If you want to renovate your condo, make sure to contact a professional that specialises in condominium interior design. There are interior designers that work on houses and flats but for your condo, you need to choose a designer that really specialises in condominiums. They are the ones who are highly experienced in designing homes like yours, and they can provide you with recommendations and suggestions on how to make your condo look good.