The City State of Singapore is known for its diverse night clubs and bars. As most street corners are crowded with bars of numerous shapes and sizes, setting up bar in the Lion City can quite a challenge.

The stiff competition compels every bar owner to maintain an edge over other establishments and exceed customer expectations.

While scrumptious food and exquisite cocktails or booze are often the elements that make or break a bar, the concept of bar interior design can also have a huge influence on every bar guest’s experience.

Bar Interior Design Tips to Enhance Bar Ambience

To captivate Singapore’s generation of party animals and booze lovers, you must focus on accentuating your bar’s interior design.

Here are some things to keep in mind to achieve an excellent interior design for your bar and elevate its status to a popular venue for an awesome nightlife experience:

1. Lounge atmosphere is in.

Keeping intimate but refined spaces is an bar interior design trend among bars these days, particularly in Las Vegas and New York.

Guests visit bars to socialise and have a great fun, so it’s a must in bar interior design to pursue an intimate atmosphere where guests can have spontaneous interactions with other people.

If possible, shy away from the use of TVs and projectors to encourage personal interactions. Casual seating arrangements and proper ceiling heights must also be emphasised.

2. Anonymity and privacy are required.

Darker spaces are highly popular in bars because of the need of most bar goers to keep their privacy.

In fact, according to designer Jack Kennedy, most guests desire anonymity and the skillful use of dark spaces and gorgeous visual effects in bars is precisely an effective way to lure them toward the dance floor, start moving their feet and gyrating to the beat.

3. Entertain their eyes.

Visual entertainment is a must for bar goers. Lighting fixtures are crucial part of the bar interior design because they can transform any bar experience into something captivating and dramatic.

Special lighting can enhance the features of an establishment and also attract potential guests looking for a cool place to hang out.

Whatever lighting you end up installing – whether it’s strobic light, amber light or LED light, remember to choose the type of lighting that best corresponds to your idea of a ‘beautiful escape’ for your guests.

4. Choose stylish yet durable furniture.

A good bar interior design is best accentuated by comfortable furniture in custom seating arrangements. This enables guests to spend hours of chatting without feeling awkward and sore.

Low tables are preferred so guests can eat their food and enjoy their cocktails without fuss. Besides being comfortable, your chosen furniture and accent pieces must also be durable enough to withstand frequent spills.

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